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It's August in Texas which means one's HOT! Summer harvest is nearing its end and farmers are making the transition to fall. Fresh produce such as squash, zucchini, onions, and peppers are summer staples and can be purchased locally right here in the BIG COUNTRY. #FRESH vegetables are AMAZING on their own, but can also be used to make an easy, healthy, #homemade breakfast or brunch. I enjoy gardening and baking in my free time so fresh vegetables and eggs are readily available in our home. I love seeking new healthy recipes and finding unique ways to bring FRESH and HEALTHY food to our table. This recipe features straight-from-the-farm TEXAS PRODUCE locally sourced from Abilene Fresh in Abilene, TX.

I believe in real ingredients, real moments, and real food, so everything I make at b. marie bakery is made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients straight from the FARM whenever possible. Regardless if you prefer traditional or something with an extra TWIST, this recipe is the perfect combination of FRESH, HEALTHY & DELICIOUS.

Recently I was able to visit with Josh Casey, known as Farmer Josh, founder and president of Abilene Fresh. Josh graduated from Coleman High School and now resides in Abilene. He has been involved in agriculture from an early age and was exposed to gardening and canning by his mother. He is very passionate about his faith and providing access to fresh, local, naturally grown food. In 1999, both Josh and his wife Pamela decided to surrender for full time Kingdom service which led them to growing, sourcing, and distributing food.

"The biggest challenge is getting people to understand the importance of a hyper-local, strong and resilient food system, and to understand that we believe current agricultural practices need some changes." - Josh Casey

Josh shared his testimony and how he found his passion for fresh, locally grown, organic produce through his weight loss journey. Abilene Fresh gives back to the community by donating food to their non-profit partners Strength for Life and FaithWorks of Abilene. They have a vision of a farmer for every family.


"I farm because I want to leave the earth in better shape than I found it, for personal and communal health, and because I love providing high quality food for people. " - Josh Casey


Abilene Fresh is a food hub that works to connect consumers with locally grown produce through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription or Fresh Market.

"We are the conduit that hooks local forks to local farms and that is the main problem we wanted to solve. When we keep farmers farming and not fighting for market they grow more and better quality produce." - Josh Casey

You can visit with Abilene Fresh on Mondays from 3-6:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 9 a.m. -2 p.m. at the Southern Hills Church of Christ parking lot, 3666 Buffalo Gap Road for Grab Bags and Fresh Market. If you can't make it during the times listed they'll even deliver straight to you.

You can pick up fresh bagged greens, such as the Tatsoi, from Vitamins Plus or Cordell's. If you love baby spinach then I highly recommend trying Tatsoi. It is delicious by itself or paired with my crustless quiche.

For more information on where to purchase available products, head over the the Abilene Fresh Facebook page, Instagram, or website.


Farming during any season is a challenge that isn't suitable for everyone, but farming amid a pandemic has its own unique obstacles. The supply issues seen on empty grocery store shelves forced consumers to get creative when sourcing essential products.

"We have seen an increased awareness of products from local farmers. - Josh Casey

Fortunately, we live in a community full of business owners with servant hearts who were able to fill the gaps seen on grocery shelves.

"It has affected us very marginally. We have had to buy gloves, mask, practice social distancing and take other precautions. However, food is a perishable product and a large part of it was planted before the pandemic hit." - Josh Casey

The kink in the supply chain created opportunity for consumers to reach out to local farmers and ranchers directly. I am hopeful that farmers and ranchers will continue to have a voice and an opportunity to tell their own unique stories.


Despite what you see on the news or social media, we live in a country with the safest and most affordable food supply in the world. Educate yourself regarding common farming practices and why they're used. The easiest thing you can do is talk to your local farmers and ranchers.

"I would love for local food movements to be a cause like other important societal issues. Often our product is merely seen as a product the same as what is at your local super-center. It is so much more than that. It is love for our community, in a very healthy format." - Josh Casey

When you buy local you're not only helping support your local economy but you're supporting your friends and community.


During times of uncertainty take comfort knowing it's everyday people in RURAL AMERICA working around the clock who provide the most affordable and safest food supply. They are the unsung HEROES who we often take for granted. Now more than ever, be grateful and thank the hardworking farmers, ranchers, and everyone in-between for ALWAYS providing. They have ALWAYS been there...and they ALWAYS will.

As you enjoy your family dinner from the comfort of your home, take time to reflect on how that food made it to your plate. Or how it made its way from FARM to BAKED. #farmtotable #stillfarming #thankafarmer #recipe #crustlessquiche

Until next time, check out the recipe for Crustless Quiche below. Enjoy!




6 eggs

1 c milk

1 c grated cheese (I typically use mix of cheddar & pepper jack)

1 c chopped vegetables

salt & pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a 9" pie dish with cooking spray.

  2. Chop fresh vegetables. Season to taste and saute over medium heat until soft. Set aside and let cool.

  3. In a medium sized bowl, whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Stir in vegetables and cheese.

  4. Add egg mixture to the pie dish.

  5. Bake for ~45 min or until the golden brown and it is set.

  6. Remove from oven and let cool completely. Cut and ENJOY!

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